New Referral Program!

Hi friend! Oscar here. As you know, Control Your Health has always been an underground, weird, secret society, shared from friend to friend. The vast majority of our Strivers are here because they knew another Striver who convinced them to enter the 36th Chamber of Shaolin (old kung-fu movie reference there…see what I mean?)

And I really like it that way. The truth is that CYH is not for everyone. I’ve always relied on Strivers to select the friends they know will be a good match. Actually, I rely on Strivers to help save their friends time when they know it wouldn’t be a match.

I’ve been able to keep our prices well below comparable private training studios. And that’s because, thanks to our Strivers, I can save some of that money I’d otherwise spend on marketing.

I am pleased to announce that going forward, every time you refer a first-time Striver who signs up for a CYH Membership… I’ll give them $50 off their first full-priced membership payment AND give YOU $50 off your next membership payment!

Don’t you want your friends to come rock these bells?!!

Don’t you want your friends to come rock these bells?!!

All you need to do to receive your credit is make sure your new Striver pal gives your name as the referring Striver. I’ll contact you to confirm the magic is happening and adjust your next monthly membership and payment to reflect my gratitude.

You can also just forward this page to a friend to get the details and have them email or call me!


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your ongoing support of Control Your Health.


*The Superfly Fine Print: This offer may only be redeemed by current Strivers who refer a brand-new baby Striver. A “current Striver” is any member of the Striver Army on a current 3 or 12-month membership agreement. A ‘brand-new baby Striver” is someone who has never had a 3 or 12-month membership before.

This offer is only valid on full price 3 or 12-month memberships. It cannot be combined with any other offers.

From July 31- August 31, 2019, all current Strivers will receive $100 off their next full price membership payment for each new Striver who lists them as their referrer.

Effective September 1, 2019, the offer changes to $50 off their next full price membership payment. This offer may be revoked at any time. Rules and restrictions may apply.