Strategy Sessions

You might be asking, what the heck am I going to do during this Strategy Session anyway?

Well, it's really simple.

There are only three rings of fire to jump through, a couple of sword wielding villains to battle, and a leisurely stroll through a scenic, orc-infested area called Mordor...

Kidding! The Strategy Session is all about you! Here is what we are going to accomplish: 

  • We will work together to create a crystal clear goal on how you can become your optimal self.

  • You'll celebrate the strengths and skills you already have and discover the things that may be sabotaging your fitness success.

  • You'll leave the session renewed, reenergized, and inspired to get Take Control of Your Health for LIFE!

Whether or not you decide to join our team of Super Strivers, you'll understand the choices that are available to you, and leave with at least one action step to take towards a better you. 

Oh, and you get to participate in the Functional Movement Screen...For FREE! 

What is the Functional Movement Screen?

The FMS is all about finding your movement baseline. By screening a few fundamental movement patterns, we can identify your movement quality and then take actionable and effective steps to improve your performance and recovery.

  • Step 1, get screened. Use the FMS to determine your current level of movement quality.

  • Step 2, improve your patterns. Apply custom programming to improve your movement baselines.

  • Step 3, move better. Train at a higher level, return to activity faster post-rehab, enjoy a better quality of life!

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No thanks on the strategy session, but I'll take the free E-book on the top workout mistakes and how to fix them!