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I know you have heard this before, but most of us are overloaded with information on a daily basis. 

If you enjoy reading 20 articles a day about fitness and nutrition, if you have the time to work out a couple of hours a day, and are already in the best shape you can possibly be in, then this blog is probably not for you. 

The purpose of this blog is to provide you with up to date, effective fitness information that you can digest in five minutes.  

I am going to admit something right away. My name is Oscar, and I'm a thief. I steal information from the best minds and most successful people in fitness and nutrition.  I have used their information to help myself and my clients reach their goals at Control Your Health, LLC. 

My belief is that there isn't much in fitness and nutrition that is new. There are smart people, and there is common sense.  Smart people often have valuable information on the subject, but lack simplicity in the presentation. 

So I am going to try to keep things as simple as possible.

Here is the first message. 

When it comes to fitness, most people don't want to do what they think of as beginner exercises. Almost everyone thinks they are at an intermediate level.

They are constantly trying new variations of exercises because they are bored with the basics and want to feel motivated to workout. Don't complicate your exercise.

All the trendy exercises boil down to only a few basic movements, there is nothing new.  Why try to do a one arm pushup if you can't even hold a plank position properly? 

On my own fitness journey, I had to get humble and stop thinking that I needed to do something original all the time.

I progressed the most when ideas were presented in a fresh way that helped me refocus and see a purpose behind the movements, rather than just going through the motions. 


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